Easy to set up

Stop & Stretch is EASY to set up. Once your company has signed up for its free trial, we will create a custom web page where your employees can go and download the Stop & Stretch widget right to their own computers.
No Special System. No Hassle!

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Tracking capabilites

This feature allows us to effectively utilize the data gathered from our monthly surveys administered to your employees. The information enables us to measure their responses to the most common work place ailments; Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Wrist Pain and much more.

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Health benfits

An increase in energy, alertness, mental focus, and improved posture and circulation are just a few of the health benefits of exercise. That’s why, for years, companies have been trying to find ways to bring fitness into the workplace. Incentives such as free gym memberships and yoga...

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Updates and support

Stop & Stretch updates monthly!
We know repetition gets boring, so every month we upload new articles and videos to keep the Stop & Stretch program fresh and exciting for your employees. Our goal is to teach new exercises while reinforcing old ones. The exercises are always new and...

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